Rice Purity Test - Rice Purity 

The rice purity test is an online anonymous test used to assess your purity, or, for that matter, your innocence. It is more of a personality test based on your personal life experiences or even general life experiences. Usually, you have to go through hundreds of questions in the form of a checklist, and the more things or experiences that get added to your list, the lower your score turns out to be. The test was created with the intent of conducting a survey to delve deeper into the intimate experiences of a person. It might vary from societal assessments to your crime history, if any.

Rice purity tests are done for the purpose of entertainment and are usually conducted for young people. It can be used as a source for developing closer relationships and connecting on a deeper level, as well as to introduce more transparency between them. The Rice Purity Test is frequently used by college students to playfully share and contrast their diverse life experiences. It is critical to know that this test lacks scientific accuracy and is not a valid indicator of an individual's ethical conduct or ideals.

The Rice Purity Test deducts points for certain behaviours to determine your level of purity. A lower score with several questions implies more actions were taken, which reflects a lower degree of purity. It's primarily a social custom that encourages interpersonal communication and relationships. The Rice Purity Test is available on a number of websites and online platforms. A quick internet search for "Rice Purity Test" will probably provide a number of results. You can take the test on many websites, answer the questions, and figure out your score.

Exploring the concept of the Rice Purity Test more thoroughly

Now let's proceed step by step and understand the purpose of this test, or, to be more appropriate a survey.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

The test was introduced by Rice University in Houston, Texas, merely for the purpose of entertainment with no proper scientific backing. The results might vary a little bit from actual facts or figures. Respondents must answer a series of questions about their participation in each activity listed. The questions include a wide range of subjects, including personal habits, romantic and sexual encounters, illicit substances, crime history, if any, and different facets of life.


Students love to check their personalities using the Rice Purity Test, which was devised for entertainment. Scores on the Rice Test assist people to better understand their personalities and help them grow. The test leaves possibilities for personal growth, a shift towards a healthy lifestyle, and knowledge of one's characteristics or potential weaknesses. It may inspire a person to adopt a more positive outlook towards how they spend their time, wisely choosing and investing in their relationships.


It's intriguing how a seemingly quirky test, like the Rice Purity Test, may present a distinctive viewpoint on a person's nature. Answering particular questions about our experiences might occasionally make us aware of features of ourselves that we may not have noticed. It's like a new method of self-discovery, and the range of questions addresses many aspects of life.

How Does Rice Purity Test Work?

The Rice Purity Test streamlines the process by giving human beings a listing of inquiries to which they are able to without a doubt reply with their preferred answer. It’s simple whether they have done it or not; there are no follow-up elaborations. The questions might also appear in the form of a checklist format, which you can check or uncheck based on your real-life experiences and get a score out of it for your personality type. People may easily engage with and swiftly evaluate their range of experiences thanks to this binary method. The format's simplicity increases the quiz's usability and appeal.


A fun and interesting way to interact with peers is to take this purity test. It facilitates communication, fosters the sharing of experiences, and has the potential to bring people together. The joint self-discovery journey and the distinctive pathways that each person has followed are what matter most.

History of Purity test

The Rice Purity Test was created by Rice University to assess students' maturity and encourage the growth of supportive relationships. This test consists of a list of questions covering a variety of topics, and students score points by completing the assigned tasks. According to the test's requirements, someone with a lower score is either more or less pure than someone else. 

The Rice Purity Test's first version, which was given only to females at the time, was created in 1924. Since then, newer iterations have appeared while adjusting to changing social standards. Moreover, the test has experienced a comeback on social media recently. With time, it gained popularity outside of the original campus where it was created and now happens to be a widely accepted online activity on several college campuses.

What does the rice purity test score mean?

A person's level of innocence or experience, particularly in relation to substance use, sexual behaviour, illicit substances, and illegal activities, can be determined by their Rice Purity Test score. The Rice Purity Test has a scoring range of 0 to 100, with a higher score denoting greater purity,  which means that the person taking the test has not engaged in many of the listed activities, and a lower score denoting less purity i.e the person has engaged in more of the test's activities.

So it can be said that the rice purity test is actually your innocence test; the higher your score, the more innocent you are, and your lower scores somehow bring your innocence level to a halt, i.e., you did involve yourself in activities that in a way deter your purity. The major goal of the rice purity test is to help young people have a wonderful college experience and maintain intimate connections with seniors. The test only inquires about specific behaviours, which may not accurately represent an individual's spectrum of situations and experiences.

The test is not in any way formulated to bring any kind of shame to an individual’s part; it just helps them analyse themselves on a deeper level for the better. In any sense, bring to the table any sort of judgement; that is the misconception that needs to be dropped when it comes to the rice purity test. 

What does the rice purity test include?

A set of questions in the rice purity test can take the form of a checklist or a yes-or-no pattern. The test taker must simply tick the box or provide a yes-or-no response to indicate which of the activities on the list he has participated in. There is no question-and-answer period for any kind of justification; instead, you have to give a one-word response for the actions you have engaged in. You will receive credit for your levels of maturity or purity in this way.

Your score on the scale determines how pure or innocent you are; the higher it is, the more pure or innocent you are, and the lower it is, the less pure or innocent you are. The purpose of the test is to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and make improvements, not to foster any preconceived ideas or prejudices about a person's character. However, it is more of a social event than a precise scientific measurement. The test is more for entertainment purposes; there is nothing serious about it; it is just a tool of self-introspection in many ways. 

Benefits of Taking the Rice Purity Test

The benefits of going through a rice purity test can include the following:


● The first and foremost benefit that follows the rice purity test has already been mentioned in the article: it leads to self-introspection. This way, one can have a deeper recognition of his or her choices, values, and habits and how he or she can improve or change for the better.

●Second, when people take the test after really getting to know themselves, they can thrive in their interpersonal relationships. They can work to strengthen and entrust their relationships with elders and their loved ones. 

If such tests spread more vigorously, it can spread a wave among the youth and society that everyone is allowed to make their own choices and decisions. People shouldn’t be judgmental all the time, but try to make people’s past experiences a ladder to an improved version of themselves.

It can lead to an improved pace of socialising and make one’s bond even stronger and deeper. Understanding the person next to you and respecting their decisions is important because they are trying to step onto the next phase of their lives with improved and intensified bonds.

Rice purity test scores for teenagers 14, 15 & 16 Years Old

The rice purity test for teenagers is not anything different; it is the same as it is for adults. But where the difference lies is that teenagers are more likely to be sensitive when it comes to gauging their level of purity. They might take it as a tool that can tarnish their reputation, especially for college-going teenagers. They are quite tough when it comes to reputation-reflecting tools like this test. Therefore, it is advised to discuss such a series of tests with them before allowing them to perform them in practice.

The rice purity test for teenagers is not anything different; it is the same as it is for adults. But where the difference lies is that teenagers are more likely to be sensitive when it comes to gauging their level of purity. They might take it as a tool that can tarnish their reputation, especially for college-going teenagers. They are quite tough when it comes to reputation-reflecting tools like this test. Therefore, it is advised to discuss such a series of tests with them before allowing them to perform them in practice.

Rice Purity test for tiktokers

It is not something that needs to be mentioned explicitly that tiktokers love to do things online or announce many of their life events across social media platforms. They love being open about some instances of their personal lives, so a rice purity test for tiktokers can lead to a healthy discussion about the test.

Since TikTok is a social media platform, it offers users a place to participate in challenges, and the Rice Purity Test may be one of those well-liked trends. To the greatest extent, the test might not be accurate for those who are tiktokers; they can merely do it for fun purposes, but it can promote interaction among individuals online and, moreover, the popularity and benefits of the test. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is the rice purity test always accurate and valid?

The purpose of the rice purity test is to serve as a tool of self-assessment and self-introspection. Many times, it can be a proper reflector of one’s values, but it can vary from the actual facts. Since we never know the precision of entered responses, the result can sometimes vary from the actual purity level of an individual. It is merely done for the purpose of entertainment and boosting interpersonal skills.

Why is it called the rice purity test?

The test originated at Rice University in Texas, and it has its roots embedded in accessing the purity and innocence of an individual with regard to his involvement in activities such as substance use, intimate relationships, crime records, etc. Hence the name “rice purity test”.

How can I take the test?

Several websites and online platforms offer the Rice Purity Test. The term "Rice Purity Test" will undoubtedly turn up a number of results in a quick online search. Numerous websites allow you to take the test, answer the questions, and calculate your score.


From the above article, it can be summarised that the purpose of the test shouldn’t be in any condition taken way too seriously where it can leave you with a feeling of distress. The test was introduced for entertainment purposes to have healthy discussions regarding the intimate traits of an individual and how often they can evolve into a better version of themselves.